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Everybody is attractive!

Importn is how you act, talk! If you get confidence you can easly win every girl (dont look gold diggers girls this is special easy to get if you have money)

You can impress girls on a lot ways. I think I am good at that. I try a lot of things and I need to tell that communication is really key. Still you need to be a nice dressed (don't need to be expensive!!!!).

Then also you need to know on what type of a girl you go cus there is a lot of points that u need to understand. Before you go to her watch her what is doing and how is doing.

Tips for conversations:

-never telling about yourself only if u get asked

-make conversation with questions what is interesting her (not what is in your interest)

-smile when she say funny stuff (even if is not so funny - girls love people who smile)

-and dont make firendships if you wanna have her for GF!!! when you are friend with her you DONE in 90%!

And like others say if you need confidance start GYM! Trust me you will be a magnet full of energy (healthy life style) and every day you will be more attractive.

I have a lot of tips but is long to talk... I think I will write a book when it will be time for that...

Hope I help you :) And stay positive :P BOOOM go get a girls now :P

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"Don't be in a hurry. You will meet the right person, at the right place, at the right time."

Are you wanna w8 and never get? People who say that are missing a lot! Go and get or others smart guys will take it!

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A little one :)

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Looks do have to do with attraction, but it's more than that, it's confidence, dress sense, and just how you present yourself around girls. If you establish yourself as a caring friend girls will take that and not want any more, the same way guys will take girls who put out but not want to commit to them.

If you don't feel confident, start going to the gym and get active, you'll feel great and i gaurantee your confidence will go up.

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Looks shouldn't enter into it (although I realize that they do, in the beginning) if you have a pleasantly way of acting, soon nobody will care about your looks at all, and if you are nasty and rude, no one will care if you are the best looking guy around, they will avoid you.

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I'm not a jerk to girls or anything like that. I have had girls tell me I'm too nice!

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Its just the way I am I guess, I just can't see myself being mean in any way. And I don't think I treat them like gods, Im just a guy who listens, and like to make girls feel good about themselves. But im probably doing it wrong somewhere

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just an advice , before people are comfortable around you , you have to be comfortable about yourself first , which obviously you arent.

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Agreed, and that he feels more confident in himself. Low self esteem would hinder any efforts to find a gf.

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I try to be, but I don't have very high self-esteem. I've been put down so many times that my self-esteem just flew out the door.

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people are put down , so they can learn how to pick them selves up mate

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It may not be the right time yet. Don't be in a hurry. You will meet the right person, at the right place, at the right time. Just enjoy life! Live one day at a time!

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Your not unattractive put it that way. So there should be no reason why you should not meet a girl who would want you as more than a friend.

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