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As a single woman and homeless there are too many setbacks because of the stigma. Is there a human being out there that can help pull one out of the rut and see her thru whatever it takes to get back on her feet and standing up...without the expectations of haveing to lay on her back to get there? Is there a church? A private sector? Anyone?
sherocks247 sherocks247 46-50 3 Answers Dec 16, 2011

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Go to a homeless shelter. They have social worker that help you get on your feet. They have access to all the programs that can help you.

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It is a struggle for sure. I was in a church, but I have to say, there was stigma there too. <br />
<br />
God used non- Christians to help me too. I spend much work asking God to heal me heal psychologically from past childhood wounds, and those from a marriage to an abusive person. <br />
Those negative self- concepts I held took years to de-tangle. I fought hard to gain a sense of dignity within myself- and not letting all the forces in culture label me. Society has lots of labels that do stigmatize groups of people, prejudices that attribute certain circumstances to assumed character traits.<br />
I know its painful, especially because it took me years to realize I had internalized some of the lies.<br />
I pray you are led to the right people who see in you a beautiful woman who is strong, loving which much to offer the world, to see the you inside your circumstances.<br />
I also pray for your courage and strength..there are many predators out there looking for those to take advantage of..I met many of them..and God protected me. <br />
I pray for your well being and for your children. No matter what circumstances you find yourselfs in, you are not less than anyone.<br />
Fed your soul..with nature,prayer,loving wise thoughts, dancing, art, writing..whatever way Spirit has given you to gain inner strength.Praying for you!

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