I kind of lost myself a long time ago. and I'm not too sure what I should do anymore, have you ever felt so lost you aren't sure whether it's worth it all anymore?
myfairlady24 myfairlady24 18-21 4 Answers Nov 23, 2011

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its only when you've lost everything are you free to do long as your alive you allways have a chance...may i share a story to help your perspective.i spent the last 25 yrs chasing a dream that i never wife,house,kids,credit or education just a failed dream.a fresh start and an opportunity is all u need,go find yourself and good luck.

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Whether what is worth it? Life? Its always worth it. Nobody feels amazing all the time. People get sad, get hurt, lose themselves in bad relationships or situations, but you MUST find your way back. You are valuable regardless of anything. Make yourself strong and never give up on yourself. Think about what is really bothering you and making you feel this way. Is there any way to fix it? I hope you do find your way.

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I am feeling that way right now, In fact I have felt that way for a while now. I am not sure if I will ever be able to find my way, not ever again.

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