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I'm still working on getting all the bugs figured out but here's the activation details ,

Access you user Account Settings / Communication ( Look for )

Would you like to enable chat

(X) Yes ....(0) No

Scroll to the bottom and click [SAVE]

Wait for the Meebo chat toolbar to fully load then click the option to open your user meebo account at

EP Support Volunteer Paschar

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thank you :) I would need to then sign up for meebo??? And would I be able to communicate with my fellow EPers?

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For all of those in you circle / Buddy list yes and it works in real time .

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Not that I am new (5 months in), but I had no idea that this site has a chat feature...I don't quite know what that would even mean for me.?.?.?

Questions and deliberations!

Yes! get to the bottom of this!

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Welcome :) I'll let you know....I'm going to follow the instructions from Paschar...I saw it below, but I think I need to add some friends to it!

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I tried following his directions...I stopped though when I saw that I had to down load chat toolbar and open an account at meebo.

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A friends list would be of great help and provided that they also make use of the chat bar .

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Ferric67 , No need for a download as EP Makes the chat toolbar available to all EP Members user accounts , / is hoasted at EP .

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I'm not so sure, Its usually other people who invite me to chat... BUT when I do want to I look at those who are online, by using the little button next to the Meebo function button, then click on those who are online i want to chat to... hope this helps!

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