I really like this guy but he makes me feel so insecure when I think about him. When I'm with him I am so happy but when I'm thinking about him I feel like I'm not good enough and I wonder if he even likes me :( I have never felt this way before
poohbell2009 poohbell2009 18-21, F 4 Answers Mar 25, 2011

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LOL because you ARE an insecure person - duhhh!

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dont give him consent to make you feel that way. hed be lucky to have you.

I too feel insecure about this guy i liked...I have always felt ilke i wasnt good enough. the end, it doesnt really matter, because if he likes you for you then great, if he doesnt ...dont let it linger.

just tell him how you feel dont ask him if he likes you..or do whatever you want to do.

just tell him how you feel, minus the insecurities, im sure hed be overjoyed to know that you have feelings for him.

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You are actually emotionally insecured ? You think you are not as pretty as the other girls or the guy you like. Try to build up your confidence and self esteem.

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infatuation will do that to a person.Knew a girl that couldn't breath around this guy she was so into.It goes away trust me.

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I can breathe around him and I can be completely me when I'm with him. I don't feel nervous or anything, just happiness. Its just when I'm not with him I'm constantly thinking about him and I feel so insecure when I think about how great he is.

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