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me & my bf were in a room..he was on top of me and trying 2 make love with me !!!! but i refused....he was trying to put "his" on mine and i made some ways so that it won't hit mine.... i feel some pain...... that's why i am asking what are the signs if i am no longer a virgin because i feel some pain but not that sure if it really hits mine !!!
chikkish chikkish 13-15 4 Answers Nov 27, 2010

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Well if a penis was in your vagina, you are technically no longer a virgin

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If his erect penis entered your vagina whether your hymen broke or not you are no longer a 'virgin' culturally speaking. Medically speaking losing your virginity requires breaking your hymen if it is still present. Did that happen? If so you lost your virginity.

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if you have had sex u r not anymore

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