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I was Pron Ana, became underweight and so fatigued with myself I could no longer function normally. It was **** as..

If you want to do this them name sure you still have a balenced diet and dont ingnore ANY nutrient. But there are MUCH better ways to loose fat for good.

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Ohh okaaay Thankss (;
Just another question how do u stop binging !!???
I over eat like crazy but remain in control! I need some diet that will help me lose lots of weight in 2 and half months like maybe 20-30lbs

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Binging is the bodys responce to being nutrient starved, in short. I was always binging then starving, it was terrbile and I dont reccomend it! Its possbile to loose weight and eat well, never feeling starved. Listen to your body. Each plenty of almonds/nuts with the good fats as they help you feel fuller for longer and the body will opt for burning more fat than carbs, low GI foods you catch my drift. Never go under you BMR (basic metabolic rate). If you do for long enough your body will go into stravation mode and when you get underweight like me with little body fat and barely eating well enough the body breaks down muscle making you very sick.
Im sorry to ramble on like that! I went to see a naturopath about it and she helped me out so much!
Good luck! x

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You can use wraps too. We have body wraps to help you tone, creams that help tighten, and supplements that are all natural and don't have you all fidgety from caffeine (biggest ingredient in weight loss pills)

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