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Relax, they wouldn't have asked you to sing with the group if they didn't like your voice.

You are going to get into this because what singer doesn't like hearing the great sounds they make. You are not the band, you are a part of what makes it easier for you to sounds great.

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I can understand your feelings!! I was a makeup artist field rep many years ago for a company who sold their products only to salons, and always loved public speaking; it never really 'rattled' me that brother said it's because I'm 'such a big ham'...but that's another story........I had to address small and large groups, demonstrating the company's products to beauty salon owners and their staff members........I'd demo on volunteers from the audience or shop...lots of people never 'passed' the tryouts for this position, but, 'ham' that I am, I did and loved doing it..........


Over the years I learned some really good tips that may help you..

* When you are up there, onstage, NEVER look directly into the eyes of anyone - always want to look OVER THEIR one will ever know that you are not looking at them; they'll think you are looking at someone else in the audience.....but NEVER do that!! WAY too distracting!!

I never peformed with a band, etc., but surely the basics would apply to what you are doing..

Another tip that helps a lot of people is to just pretend you are performing in front of family and friends...........

the oldest one is the wackiest - pretend your audience is sitting there in their underwear...I could never make sense out of that one; but I guess it helps some people!!

and as someone else here said, if they didn't think you were any good, they'd never have asked you to join them!

So get up there and knock'em dead!!!!!!!!!

Just be yourself in the way you express your music and you'll NEVER go wrong!!'

Good luck - have fun - enjoy it!!

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Calm it down! It'll work out and you'll sound great.

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Anxious because club owners are gonna think that, since your're all a bunch of laid-back stoners, they can rip you off and not worry about any consequences like if they tried shorting a punk band or a country band?

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so what's the question?

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