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A lot has happened this summer and It has been so hard. Sometimes I cant even breath And I find myself not knowing what I'm doing anymore or not knowing what I want or need I feel like I need to go away to a rehab and get better that way so i'm away from the negatives and the bad environment but I have school to go to I just don't feel I'm ready or have the confidence I need to go back.
MKM18 MKM18 18-21, F 4 Answers Aug 21, 2012 in Depression

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Because you don't know what will happen, and depression is a terrible disease. I'm a recovered depressive myself. When you go back to school, be sure and have plenty of medication, get your exercise, get plenty of omega 3 fatty acids, and make sure you have emotional support. If possible go to a school in your home town, so you can be with your family.

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School has always been a stressful environment for me. I have some social anxiety which makes me feel a little depressed sometimes. However once you're in school for a few weeks, you'll fall into the swing of things and everything won't seem so bad. So hang in there :) Everything will be alright.

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