I'm not the typical socially anxious person but I have somehow become one! In high school I use to make friends without even trying now I'm 23 and I find myself freezing up in a conversation whether it be a co-worker or cute guy. It's definitely affecting my love life I just can't put myself out there. When I'm shy and quiet it makes me look rude and ignorant but in all reality I just don't know what to say! And no one wants to keep pursuing someone who looks like they ain't biting! I'm only not awkward with family and friends I obviously know and they find it shocking I'm shy cause I'm not at all with them. I don't know how I've come to be this way I just want to change I wanna feel confidant again make new friends find a nice guy...I know it has a lot to do with self esteem I just don't know how to up it!
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Hi and let me slip on my lab coat and pretend I know what I'm taking about. .. you are mentally comparing yourself to others and find yourself lacking ... First problem, sometimes you will be less and other times you will be more we are all different(than god) and some people will find ti attractive and others won't ... No big deal. . That's life. ... Second problem. .. you say nothing cos you don't know what to say

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oops hit the send button ... If you want to be found interesting you have to be interesting. .. Read the newspapers so you know what is going on in the world ... Learn to listen, one of the most important parts of any conversation, don't be scared to ask questions, people generally like someone who can admit they don't know or they want to know more and most people live having an audience to their views ... Third .. buy a big sick to beat the guys off with. . You'll need it best of luck and just take baby steroids to gain your confidence. .. Have fun and relax and just be you hugs

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I say let the people who are interested come to you. If they are your kind of person,then you shouldn't have a problem.

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