...or should I start by reading any books on it, or just start from the modern series?
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The original goes back to 1963, so its dated as all get out with the effects. But if you want to know how it all started thats the best way.

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I've just seen the modern, so I can't comment on the old one, but you definitely should watch it! Jump in!

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The First series from 196(4?) with William Hartnell is good for the sheer historical wossname of it all. Origionally filmed in 405 line black and white, its grainy, white-outed, the sets aren't stable, the Daleks squeak on the studio floor, but its still wonderfully austere and dramatic.

I think the Sylvester McCoy era was the Nadir.

The new stuff is well sexed up. Amy Pond, well, those legs. She'd turn a gay man straight. Trust me. ( I hope the boyfriend doesn't read this ).

Don't bother with the books.

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