I am currently on Welfare due to an Injury, disabled & cant work, had received welfare health insurance & food stamps which were provided to me for several years as help assistance to be able to survive, The Injury is all official & real, a spinal injury, and I have all the official MRI records as valid proof, as well as many various doctor visits and letters from the doctors alike of my Injury & Depression. During all that time (3 or 4 years) I was being treated by various doctors who had provided me with care & prescribed various medicine while I was on the Welfare for which their health insurance had paid for, and as a result of this I could not work nor support myself during all that time, mostly bed confined. And then all of a sudden if my last surviving parent should pass away leaving me all of their several paid off properties and/or bank accounts, that they had owned outright which they had rented or had lived in that belonged to them, but which would now belong to me as per their Will, but yet I am still Injured & still Disabled & Depressed regardless & unfortunately cannot work. Do I then need to instantly come off from the Welfare services since I would then inherit all ? The Welfare benefits are being reviewed year by year, so then do I actually cancel Welfare benefits myself before hand & how, or still continue receiving till the next review period, or just do absolutely nothing till the next review ? Should there be an actual Will made by my last living Parent ? Do I really need to retain an Attorney and if so why ? And most important, Would I need to pay back anything back to the Welfare system of PA from all that time that I had received the assistance & benefits (for 3 or 4 years) ? I have tried to apply for Disability on my own but sadly was denied my first time and never had tried again. Too much work for me... while in this state of still in depression and still being injured. I am a legal American residing in PA. I do Not wish to do anything that is illegal or wrong. Please Help Me. (Mom is still alive but is sick and old, sadly getting worse...) What should I now do or what should happen to me next ? Thank you so very much to all, for all your time, help and care.
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I know that if you do inherit property while receiving disability/ssi benefits you will have to hand over those properties to reimburse the govt for ALL medical services/treatment you received. There are ways around it but you definitely need to seek advice from an attorney before they pass on.

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I just handled an estate for someone who haad 2 kids on welfare. Here is what you have to do:

You must report it within 30 days of receiving it (not just when you're told that you are getting it)

It must be reported to all agencies who help you.

DO NOT cancel any of your benefits. If you do, you may not get them going so easily when your money runs out.

Probably some of your benefits will be reduced until you have used up your inheiritance. Make sure you get a folder and keep all of your paperwork concerning the inheiritance and communications concerning your benefits in it.

Good luck, but don't be so worried, they won't take it away from you.

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Ask a lawyer. My opinion is that if you collected SSI you will have to pay it back. IDK about paying back welfare. Once you have "several paid off properties" you won't qualify for welfare or SSI anymore. They are for broke people. You are no longer broke.

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I'm assuming you're an American.

I'd get a lawyer, and check the website as well.

They may be able to make you pay some things back.

I am on disability. I was in (another) bad car accident while on disability.

The state tried to make me pay what the doctors, and hospital charged me, for my care.

Not what they PAID!

There's was a huge difference between what the state was charged, and what they paid the hospital, and the doctors (good thing I kept all my records/receipts).

I'm so sorry for your loss, and the injury(s) you're suffering from.

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no but your benefits may be cancelled if u have income from property and a huge bank account

it is best to consult with attorney to determine your legal rights and try to have will probated soon before new tax laws on death taxes come to fruition

Best Answer just get cut off welfare while you got money.once you back to broke you get on again.

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Personally, I'd be asking the attorney handling the details of the estate.

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No. One doesn't have anything to do with the other.

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