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Hello Miss ScatterHeart,

One of the greatest "motivators" in people is FEAR. You will notice advertisements on television that state things such as: "Hurry! Sale Ends Monday!", and "Prices will never be this low again!" Advertisers prey on our fears in order to get people to move and do something.

Well, the same goes for Politicians and their mudslinging campaigns. Each political side attempts to scare the BeJezus out of the voting public, so as to cause them to run to the ballot box and (hopefully) vote for a particular negative advertiser's candidate!

In truth, about 40% of the voting public is going to automatically vote straight Democratic tickets, regardless of the ads or the debate results; also, about 40% of the voting public is going to automatically vote straight Republican tickets, regardless of the ads or the debate results.

The remaining 20% of people -- called the "swing voters" are the people these mudslinging advertisers are attempting to scare into NOT voting for the opponent candidate!

Isn't it interesting that a given political party will spend hundreds of millions of dollars for a candidate who will supposedly earn about $400 thousand dollars in annual salary? That does not make much sense -- until one realizes that the untold hundreds of millions of dollars happen to "buy" favors after the election!

It is a sad and distressing state of affairs, but I hope this sheds some light on the mudslinging you are witnessing with the 2012 US Presidential election.



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Yup, welcome to American politics. No matter who you pick we lose.

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I can only speak for American politics but yes, they are. Just ignore it as best you can, for ever and ever. :-)

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Yes... Politicians will say whatever they can to get your vote. Even if they have the best intentions at heart, like I think most do... the political game and their campaign staff formulate ideas, lectures, speeches, spin negative and positive news to show their candidate in the best of light. Its all about posturing and looking better than your opponents. You may think that candidate "so-and-so" is good at heart, but he/she has a few people on staff to do the dirty work they cannot be seen doing. Its a vicious game and in my opinion, its cruel, misleading and very opportunistic.

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Sadly, yes. It's been this way for a very long time, and it is getting worse, I think. Do a search on log cabin politics in United States history. That one sure backfired. :)

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yes... pretty much

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Get use to it, it's going to get worse in your future.

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To some extent, though I feel like it has gotten worse over the years. This year it's especially bad since now both candidates have SuperPACs spending millions to buy attack ads on their behalf..

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