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I think the very first step to get used to talk with random people is by social networking sites. I was sort of girl like you, I didn't talk much with people, so I helped myself by talking and sharing with people who I think match with my criteria. :) But now I'm changing..

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Hereb we have "Meet"

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Being shy myself I would say this:

whist you are at school you are isolated (to a degree) from the full force of your "social skill deficit" simply because you are immersed in a "context"...i.e.

your in school and every body else is in the same boat and simply by playing the odds... i.e the fact that you are mixing with hundreds of others close to your own age all in the same "context"... it's highly possible that even shy people find at least one or two others with whom they can relate on some level... maybe not a lifelong friendship or anything but enough to con you into thinking your social problems are not as bad as they really are....

Then when your out of this enforced social mixer.... you find that with out the institution which enforced your interaction with others that you really don't have the courage to do under your own steam and on top of this even if you do try in your own meek way to make some contact with others you fail miserably... why...

simply because only armed with your feeble social skills you don't have the force of personality to "fuse" with others socially... and unaided by the pressure cooker environment of school with its enforced mixing with hundreds of others... you simply are very unlikely to (the odds) happen to bump into someone who is willing to accommodate a social basket case or being one themselves to humour it....

So my advice....

simply is to find something your really passionate about (why),,,

it's a good way to bring you out of your turtle shell i.e to find a topic or activity that inspires you and motivates you... then join a group involving this activity, pass-time/interest or what ever it may be....

good luck...(i can relate)

P.s beware of coupling with an extravert... (they dwarf your life and become its driver......)

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oh make an account on wikihow i have one mine is cute bear

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theres plenty of shy people in bookstores, such as books a million, barnes and noble and even the used ones. Coffee shops are almost as notorious for being hangouts for loners.

Ive made a couple of friends just being out fishing and swimming when i bumped into other hermit types of folks

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Work, school, a gym! Make genuine small talk when the opportunity arises. Even shy types have interests and opinions to offer. Good luck

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go local places or join a club or sumet, ano its harder

wen ur shy like

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get a dog

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