I love him, but when enough is enough?
thinkandfeel thinkandfeel 36-40, F 12 Answers May 23, 2012

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Sounds like a co-dependent type of situation. It don't make sense, but you're drawn to it. Ain't all his fault. You gotta get yourself right before you can get a partnership right. Hard thing is, figuring out the real problem.

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Great answer, this is definitely a co-dependant situation...two parties to blame.

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i was in a similar situation...broke up with my ex so many times that i lost count and i got very abusive with myself. then one day i just couldnt believe that i love him so much and he still dint seem to care about the things he does to me. I mean i was no angel. Things went over board and one day i snapped out of it. I still love him and i need him but i love myself to much to love him.

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Being the Maestro that I am, I have seen situations like this before and they never seem to workout because the individuals who are tangled within them never address the true relationship dysfunction.

What are your relationship issues with this mate?

That's your first question. Then,

you need to determine if you are willing to work towards a resolution, as should your male interest. Both NEED to be on board in order to acheive a decision of resolution. If only one fights...well then, that's all that will continue to happen...Fights!

Why do you go back?

Well, I can't read your thoughts...something must stir your Eros.

Emotion is a funny thing.

It manipulates us.

It contorts reality.

It warps our ability to self control.

It skews perception, and identifies with what we want to see...

Emotion is an addictive elixir that often causes all of our delight, as well as, all of our ache...

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You nailed it. We like each other, get back together but don't discuss and resolve our issues, so it starts all over again. But enough is enough for me this time.

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hello, thinkandfeel

two reasons come to mind

1). your self esteem is rock bottom

2). he has a great dic and knows how to use it

PS i trusted and had trust broken three times before i finally walked away

hope you find a way to make better decisions. with respect, from robbie

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Three is definately not your lucky number !

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In my case, I addressed the problems and he acknowledged those problems. But he would try to improve him 3 days and after that it goes back to where it was. .So yes, me too. enough is enough. It seems each time we did it, we got further away more

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I would say after break up number two. Honestly...if he can;t see what a magical person you are, he doesn't deserve you

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You like playing kiss and make up ?

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zero self esteem

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