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O.K. here's a list : Change cat litter (no poos, you'll be fine)

Empty and wash kitchen bin (gloves required for this one)

Hoover all through the house

(mind the static shocks you get from my bedroom carpet)

Change the bedding in the spare room (no trying out the bed either)

Clean both loos

Go and buy me a loaf of bread (had to have endsies for brekky)

Dust and polish EVERYTHING (behave)

Wash kitchen and utility floor (it's ok, you can use a mop, no need

to get down on your hands and knees)

Finally, I have a back ache....sort it for me....

They have to be done in that order, no skipping to the last one. I bet you wished you hadn't asked now.

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Ok if I work in reverse order?

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Nooooo, none of the others would get done.

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Ok but if my back goes can I take advantage of warm hands? I always behave...

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Damn, i didn't want you to behave. :O(

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i rarely allow others to help me

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Offer is there if you do

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thanks, but i'm not ready to rejoin society yet [outside of my career at least]

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