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They dared crossing the line and slept with each other, they were long time friends from college. They became kind of deeply involved. It wasn't hard to get hooked up, they knew each other well. They did drugs together, it was exciting, intense, passionate and lots of fun to be together. He has kids from a former relationship, he's had enough. She has none and wants one. She's in her late 30's, her time to possibly have them is almost up. He's a functional alcoholic, and a heavy drug user (weed, LSD, cocaine, MDMA), she drinks nearly never, but smokes weed heavily, that's all she does. He's kind of emotionally unavailable and needs lots of alone time. She doesn't like loneliness and is a bit needy. He has a history of dumping women even if they are pregnant with his child. He likes doing whatever he pleases without regard of other people's wants or needs. She has a history of being emotionally unstable, of having trouble controlling her anger. She's used to guys pleasing her. HOW...?
SaxPower SaxPower 31-35, T 1 Answer Nov 20, 2012 in Dating & Relationships

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it was inevitable, they are both a mess and need to put their own lives/ emotions in order before getting involved in a relationship.

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