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Not just in the state of the government or leadership, but the general attitudes of the public, the issues that were important compared with now, and how, if at all, your views have changed since then. Do you feel things were better or worse in 2004 than today?
CocoColaCameToTown CocoColaCameToTown 18-21, M 1 Answer May 11, 2014 in Politics

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Maybe more polarized now. More generalized distrust of government in general. More antitechnology luddism lumping tech progress with fears of government surveillance.

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Were you really hiding your head in the sand regarding big government? Government surveillance is nothing new to America. As a government grows in size, scope and power, it needs to know what is happening and who is thinking what... just to survive.
This was one of the great fears of out founding fathers. It is why they created a central government with limited powers and restrictions. We have allowed those powers to grow and those restrictions to diminish. Its time to re-establish a truly Constitutional government.

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Except that you conservatives seem to have amnesia about how you all were ok with it during the Bush years. "Counterterrorism measures are fine if you have nothing to hide."

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