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Incident: undisclosed to the media. Foreign workers,men working in construction, were recently sent to a job site in Ontario, Canada. A group of five men of different nationalities working together. Suddenly, tossed into 12 hour night shifts, with the recent weather changes brought on by Hurricane Sandy. They had worked on an indoor project for two nights. The third night, a demolition crew was brought in. One of the workers in charge of the demolition walked off the property, stating he was not going to continue this work because the building structure set to be demolished had asbestos in it. In the meantime, the welding team that had been sent to work on the same project has been exposed to the asbestos, as one of the team members cut and worked with copper wire laden with asbestos. Soon afterwards, the men developed breathing problems and a persistent cough. What can these men possibly do to help themselves??
shaandar shaandar 31-35, F 2 Answers Nov 3, 2012 in Work

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nothing and its unlikely that a one time exposure to asbestos as bad as it is would lead to asbestosis <br />
whats more likely is they will file workers compensation claims and sit on thier ***** compliments of your govt

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