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bubblesad bubblesad 31-35, F 2 Answers Jul 5, 2012

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hmmm. ect-well it's hard to get unless you have some kind of schizoid thing going on, at least in my experience. Suicide attempt survival? All of my failed attempts were failures due to lack of knowledge about what will actually kill you. Lucky me, I avoided things that it's reasonably possible to survive while severely damaging yourself. Why? Are you planning something?<br />
<br />
Talk to me first, ok?

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no, not planning anything. have made many attemptss, obviously none of which have worked. i have though, been left with medical issues as a result of my most recent attempt (march 2012) so breathing is hard and it hurts, and i have scars everywhere from all the arterial lines etc, plus my voice is damaged from an emergency intubation.
had 22 x ect last year . dont ever remember agreeing to it but i dont remember alot of things post ect. my memories of periods of time are gone, and even photos dont refresh my memory. saddest of all, is that i have missing memories of holidays with my kids. wouldn't do ect again, though they want me to have one every 3 weeks as maintenance. not sure what to think about that

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If you need it, you need it. Especially for the kids' sake.

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