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Depends on the definition of torture and why they do it.

Just about any major country would probably torture someone if they believed the person they were torturing new where weapons of mass destruction were hidden in a city, and I'd certainly rather live in one of those countries.

The people of Singapore are some of the most civilized I've ever met, but their government will cane people for what we in the west consider fairly minor infractions. (If you think caning is just a whipping, go find an internet account or two from someone who has had one.)

I've travelled in some muslim countries and as a rule I consider them to be very civilized, but they might still torture women because they don't wear burkas or wear trousers.

Hacking off heads of reporters and protestors for peace seems pretty extreme, etc. Guess which countries do things like that? For the most part - its the ones that scream hardest about how the U.S. isn't civilized.

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that depends on the consequences of NOT finding out the information sought. if lives are at stake, truly at stake, then civilized or not, do it. if it not a life or death issue, find another way.

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Yes. The idea that if a country -- or a person -- is imperfect that the whole is wicked is a conceit of modern anti-intellectuals, that is of the 60s counterculture, whose influence extends to this day. It is the lazy but frightened person's way of dismissing what he fears and disapproves.

The problem is that no person, no group, no country, lacks a list of atrocities, deliberate and accidental. A more realistic view of a given society is to recognize the existence of imperfections and determine if improvements are getting made. Those improvements include eliminating torture. It will never completely go away because you can not preselect every citizen's behaviors, but it can be largely reduced.

I suppose that those who insist on condemning an entire country because of its cruel points will need to condemn all countries, all people, all groups, at all times. And they can please sit quietly, in their place of moral superiority, on the sidelines of history while the productive people get things done.

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