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I have been curious about the meaning of hearting comments. Does it mean the same thing to other people? I use the heart to mean I agree with everything in the comment. If I agree with most of it I will heart it with a comment about what I see slightly different. If I disagree with half if it I comment but don't heart. If I disagree completely or don't care I just leave it alone. But when I ask a person to message me if they want to talk about it and all they do is heart my comment are they saying they want me to message them? I think so, but then a lot of them never message me back. So maybe they don't.
Snowhat Snowhat 36-40, M 4 Answers May 12 in Community

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It's the same thing as a "like" on Facebook. Why they changed it? I have no clue.

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yeah, to me it just means you agree. sometimes I go to post a response and see pretty much the same thing posted by someone else, so I just heart that response and move on.

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No it's a thank you for answering

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