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I always wondered that because my friend has only dated white girls that like rock, alternative, and have tattoos all over their bodies or have a few. They also were very rude and " crazy". I'm not sure what to say about it to be honest... cause his current girlfriend is very nice, sweet, listens to soul, r and b, jazz, and have very good grades. She also lets him do whatever he wants, when most of his girlfriends were very paranoid or " bitchy". oh and she is African- American.. just saying because he always dated white girls.. nothing wrong with it, but that is like 99.9 percent of all his girlfriends. Does he really feel satisfied with the relationship, considering the girls he been with.
cupcakesip cupcakesip 18-21, F 3 Answers Feb 28, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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it sounds like he's found a good woman, and I don't think it matters who he's dated in the past, or what color skin they were. I think a guy gets to a certain point where he wants a good woman, not just one who looks a certain way, but is the entire 'package' of someone he could fall in love with and have a future with.

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