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I'm in favour of legal abortion only, only up to twelve weeks, and only when it prevents unnecessary suffering.

The earlier the better, because the hormones increase with time; adjusting back to normal after the operation gets harder as pregnancy progresses.

How should we consider the issue for conceptions from rape and ******?

Before abortion was legalised, women, for thousands of years, have found ways of getting the job done, most often through illegal back doors or self harm. Many died of subsequent infection, of became s Many committed suicide, especially those in some religious cultures which pour shame and dire punishments on women bearing out of wedlock.

Serious defects affect the entire life of the babe and family; siblings often miss out on basic needs for love and attention; parents usually experience burn out and severe stress. What happens to a severely handicapped person when parents have died, and siblings are raising their own families? What happens if a debt crisis causes severe cutbacks in social services, and reduces donations to charities? If the disability is genetic, can it be passed on if the child has children? Would the disability affect capacity to parent well? How far do ethics stretch to prevent accidental conception and birth for genetic syndromes?

What if a mother is a drug addict:- alcohol cause brain retardation, and failure to thrive. When a baby goes through withdrawal at birth, he/she is not cured, but carries life long damage in capacity for happiness.

The mother's welfare and capacity to be parent, and preferably the father's also, should be considered seriously.

Over 6 weeks at a camp site, by the Lac du Paladru in the South of France, I witnessed the dynamics of a young couple with a six year old boy. They were from devoutly Catholic families, and obliged to marry when she found herself pregnant, and rapidly grew to hate each other, and resent the boy for ruining their lives. The boy was wild, full of anger, disruptive to everyone in the site, stealing, vandalising, and the whole family frequently erupting into torrents of screaming verbal abuse. Quite possibly, a talented therapist might have been able to do a skillfull intervention to help improve the situation, but the damage has already been done. I have no doubt that little boy will grow into a seriously dangerous sociopath.

It is true that there are many parents longing to adopt a healthy newborn, and able to give excellent parenting.

Parents who truly want to be parents generally do a much better job. This is important because, as common as it is, parenting is one of the hardest tasks in an adult's life.

If you can have a healthy baby without damaging your own life, please consider it.

If your question is personal, what ever you decide is right for you, is right. If you decide on abortion, people around you are not supportive, research on line until you find a group who can assist you to do it safely and legally, even if it means travel

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a very tough's a situation i'd have to be in before i could answer honestly

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It depends on the defect. Cleft palate? Yes. T13? No.

Ultimately it's the woman's decision though. I couldn't...

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Those tests are never right my nephew was supposed to have down syndrome and there is nothing wrong with him

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