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It's not the babies fault the mother got pregnant. And murdering it is a selfish act.

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MY point is this, a LIVE egg meets a LIVE *****..........BABY!!!! life begins at conception! nof said.

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A "fetus" is a Latin meaning for Baby. Abortion is the killing of a human life. You decide what you think is "right" or "wrong"

In my opinion, abortion is murder.

Like it or lump it.

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Abortion is wrong because homocide has always been acknowledged wrong.

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Yes , people fight against the death penalty for someone that has commited some heinous crime yet its legal to walk into a clinic and terminate a innocent life that has no say.

Our society is so hypocritical.

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Its not as simple as that...there are instances where a woman feels its her only option, it has to be her choice.

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Abortion is wrong...think about it: abortion is murder.

What are the differences between abortion and murder? who they are being done to: a fetus and a person who is able to live on there own.

But a unborn fetus is just as human as an infant, todler, child, teenager or adult. Just because it is still dependant on its mother doesn't give anyone a right to take it out, consequently ending its life. Yes, the mother has rights too and sometimes there are reasons that a mother wouldn't want her child. But there are other options.

The choice that you make affects another humans life. I might not be alive if abortion had been legal when my mother was an unborn baby. Taking away someones life is not a choice that anyone should have here on earth.

As a christian I believe that Abortion is wrong. But God forgives everyone who repents of there wrong and believe in Jesus as there savior from sins

John 1:12-13

12 Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God— 13 children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God.

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YES! It is 100% wrong!!

You are killing a human!

If i don't like you, would it be alright if i go up and kill you, it's only a human, it should be alright. NO. That is not right. You are ruining it's whole chance of living. What if that baby grew up and discovered the cure for cancer or something amazing. You ruined it.

It's murder.

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Yes abortion is wrong, I wouldn't even have one if I was rapped for the right option in that case would be adoption! If the fetus had downs syndrom I would keep it even if it were missing half a brain it deserves to live, if it died of natural causes at birth then at least they could give the baby pain medication for it to go comfortably!

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Yes, its murder! Of a baby at that. If a pregnant women is murdered everyone is shocked and in some states the unborn is counted. But a women can kill her own baby, and the father has no say in the matter. Its pure b.s.!

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Right or wrong, it's nobody's business. Keep it legal, keep it safe.

It's a private medical decision concerning only a woman and her doctor.

I wish people cared as much for the 4,000 EXISTING children that die EVER HOUR of starvation (globally). If only they garnered as much attention as an embryo. Hey, maybe the anti-choice folks could help those kids out and actually do something productive....then maybe they could also mind their own damn business. :)

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Is Choosing wrong?

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no it isn't.

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YES! Its murder...

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Do you think murder is wrong? YES IT IS WRONG!

I know women that have done it.The Guilt for years and years later.

just about killed them.there life a mess.One of them now knows God.

And has got it together.long road

I hear the argument a woman has a right to do this, it her body.

She had the right to keep her legs together.The right to say NO.

Then somebody say .What if she raped?

Weell the person to KILL is the one that raped her .

Not the baby that had nothing to do with it.

There are other ways put up for addoption.ect.

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Nothing is more heartbreaking than taking the life of such an innocent person who has no defense to claim. There are exceptions that perhaps can justify this cause of action (rape, quality of life for the child if there is a known deformity etc)

If you can research the reality of abortion truthfully and understand what is involved and see how that fetus is ripped apart and disposed of or done away with in some other fashion then tell me what your answer is.

If you were to walk into a clinic and request another's life to be ended, I would imagine that this would result in murder. I fail to see any difference between taking the life of a 30 year old or a 5 week old fetus, both have heart beats

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Yes, just because a law says it is legal doesnt make it right or ethical. You will still have your conscience to deal with because you have killed a human being. Dont do the crime if you cant do the time. Protect yourself and dont get pregnant if you dont want a child.

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Yes. It is very wrong.

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