In Christianity if you are a believer (accept Jesus as your Lord) you are permanently given good favor for eternity, but if you don't then you are separated from the source of all abundance. Isn't that a condition though? Because it's like when you give the gift you say, "Here is your gift, no receipt, you can't pick your own gift, take it or leave it, if you don't take it you will be rid of all pleasure forever." In the case of accepting eternal life. Then don't people follow God because of the heaven they will eventually receive, would anyone love a god who didn't provide any rewards at all? In that case do we love God or what he has to give to us? Are we simply out for our eternal self-preservation for our own entertainment? So it's like there's a condition on God's side (seeking faithful subjects that are molded his way), and a condition on the human side (seeking heaven and eternal bliss from God), but not absolutely unconditional- you see what I mean?
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I perused the religious contract and voided and annulled it due to it being a bunch of bs

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In life there are actually NO terms or conditions. You impose them on yourself but you shouldn't as most of them are simply aimed at trying to make you conform.

Think for yourself, act for yourself. There is NOTHING intrinsically good or bad about anything we do. That is a judgement mad after you have acted.

Don't accept anything that cannot be proven. WHy? Because they are usually all lies.

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no, there is also the fine print

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