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Allora Brass Instruments<br />
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This handsome trumpet is a brass family instrument.Allora Instruments is a company that mass produces several types of instruments intended for creating music, including brass family instruments. Brass instruments are instruments that require the pla<x>yer to buzz his lips against the mouthpiece. The resulting vibrations resonate through the tubes in the instrument and produce the note as they echo from the belled end of the instrument. <br />
Trumpets And Trombones<br />
Allora's selection of trumpets is the expected variety among producers of primarily student-used instruments. Most are simply the Bb variety, which will fit any beginner's needs since they play the usual notes in orchestral arrangements and in band music. Their trumpets come in three finishes: silver; "natural," which is a gold tone; and a darker gold that is named "brass." These trumpets come equipped with all necessary parts to pick up the instrument and play immediately. Allora's selection of trombones is much the same as their trumpets; these are great starter instruments, but professionals may require an instrument with a greater range or one that is capable of being tuned differently. Allora's trombones come in only silver and gold finishes; other colors may be available at an additional cost. <br />
French Horns And Tubas<br />
Allora's French horns are stately instruments that allow beginners to start their path to French horn perfection. They are only offered in the key of F, which is the standard key for French horns. They are also only offered in the color of polished gold. Tubas are, again, much the same as french horns. They are offered in BBb format, which is the beginner's standard for the instrument. At this time, Allora only offers the standard tuba in 4/4 size, which may be too large for young people just learning their instrument. The tuba is a very heavy, very large instrument. Use caution and learn to handle it properly. <br />
Miscellanous<br />
Allora offers a great many instruments that are less likely to be found in a beginner band, such as fluglehorns and euphonium. These instruments are great, low cost products that offer quality sound and will last most beginners and intermediate students for quite some time with proper maintenance. Allora also offers a plethora of upkeep products, such as cleaning kits, wipes and polishes. They also offer many types of replacement parts to keep your new instrument in working condition for years to come. Their valve oil is especially adept at getting slightly sticky valves in working order. <br />
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