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I asked her how I know she will be here tomorrow. She said because she is dating me and needs me because I make her feel loved. She can't foresee marrying me and won't stay the night because she is 32 and lives with her parents and has a child. Meanwhile I live alone. Why does this all leave me feeling empty?
Drainme Drainme 46-50, M 2 Answers Dec 10, 2012 in Romance & True Love

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What does marrying you or staying the night have to do with her being in love with you? It sounds like she is, and that's what matters. If her responsibilities dictate her schedule, that's not a knock against her. Those things change anyway, as time goes on. (Meaning her kids will grow and not need their mom around all the time.)

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It's her religous father not her responsibilities. Once her son grows I foresee the same thing.

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Her religious father preventing her from remarrying doesn't make much sense to me. If anything, a highly traditional guy would want to see her remarried and the kids being raised with the help of a responsible father figure even if he comes in the form of a stepfather because their biological father is gone. I'm not saying I think that way, I'm just saying that's how I would expect a typical "religious old guy" would view the situation.

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