Every year, nothing special happens on my birthday. When I was a kid, it was always a birthday cake of my own choice and I had grown tired of it, so there was no more birthday cakes after that. Unlike most teenagers or people at my age, I never had my birthday celebrated with friends or had a birthday party. On my birthday last year, I went back to my old school and talked to the counselor there and she treated me for lunch at McDonalds. Two years ago on my birthday, I waited an waited...but none of my friends would wish me on my birthday unless if I told them it was my birthday. To be honest, there is nothing special or happy happens on my birthdays. Maybe I am just not a special person. That is why I am hoping people would forget about my birthday. Even if they do celebrate my birthday, for what reason would they do that? I not see any point in doing that. My birthday is two days away...7th March.
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advance happy birthday....

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I had a similar experience to yours. My family just wasn't into that kind of thing, and I got used to it. Now that I'm older, I pretty much ignore my birthday, though I like to do something for my son on that day.

I wouldn't take it as a personal slight or as an indication that something is wrong with you. Even people who have been married for years tend to forget one another's birthdays. For some people, it really is just another day...a day to change an age.

If you want it to be more, then make it more. Invite your friends out. Nothing wrong with making a celebration for that day, and no one would think badly of you for it.

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For me, birthdays are really important because it's a day I can say that I live in this world within ____ years already.. Thanks God....!

but celebrating it with cakes and other foods is not an important thing... the important is you are happy for having another birthday.... Just be happy to have that chance..........

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Your Birthday is VERY important, to all of us, around the world, even if we can't be there to help celebrate it with you !!!!!! If it wasn't important, there wouldn't be a BILLION dollar greeting card industry built just for this one thing.

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You sound like my 91 year old aunt. She forgets it herself and then is amazed her daughter shows up with some cake.

If you get married the family will remember but until that time enjoy not having to deal with it too much.

You are a unique person because most people have their parents remember the birthday but it sounds like you told them you didn't want that. You can always tell them that it is okay if they want to do that to make things better in that area.

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take it easy. we celebrate good fridays too

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