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Depends, really. All depends on power used, mode of stimulation, current drawn, frequency, direct/indirect contact, etc.

The way I do it... certainly not safe!!! I do it not because of pop cult, but because I truly do have a fetish for electricity, and it fascinates me. I work with it a lot, too, and I know a fair bit about it.

Power used: 65W= Dangerous

Frequency= in the KHz range can cause RF burns on direct contact

Current draw= <10mA of current, above is dangerous.

Mode of stimulation= TENS machine delivers stronger pulses and more varied, violet wands use mainly high frequency, high voltage (~1kV-10kV) currents.

As with everything, there's a fun and safe range, and a dangerous range. The dangerous range is for people that are willing to put their life on the line to get the stimulation. I do that, only because I've done this for 4 years so far, since I was 11, fetish part about 3 months back. It's a very gradual increase, though after a point, you can make larger jumps, though it isn't advised to go over 10mA of current.

It can be as complex and expensive as a violet wand at 200 dollars, or a home thrown together thing like mine, for nothing, using nothing but a 12-20V laptop charger, a clamp, a few wires and pieces of rolled up aluminum foil. I use a meter to keep track of the current, but I use it for its intended purpose outside of this, too. Not worth buying a real good one, but if you're going to do this, get one that measures just current, or an analog one that measures current and voltage. Much cheaper, though analogs are slightly more expensive than digital (though they look much more awesome). So it's about a 10 buck improv with the meter. It's dangerous to build your own, but what else am I to do? If my mom even knew I said the word fetish (assuming she knows what it is), she'd murder me. I am just 15, it's not like I can ask my mom or dad to order me e-stim stuff. I can't exactly build a proper setup either, as that would raise suspicion, too.

So all in all, safe e-sex is done by unimprov-ed TENS or violet wands.

It's unsafe when done by someone without any knowledge of electricity either way.

It's especially unsafe when they try to improv their own like what I did.

It's good to do it with knowledge of electricity (and access to be able to order parts....) and build one yourself.

IDK if you're doing this for a project or yourself, but there, I gave you the best answer I could at my current attention level at 12:32AM.

Oh and btw, there are different methods of e-stim for girls and boys. I'm a girl. It's probably less painful, but I might have made myself infertile because of the high current. hehe... it's easier for girls to estim, but not as easy for boys (not as innocuous if you improv your own :P)

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Hey Fractalist, YOU sound DANGEROUS! LOL
I found some Audio files on the web for electro stimming. I play them from my computer using windows m/player. I have external amplified speakers and made up some leads that plug into the headphones socket. At the other end of the leads, I have insulated crocodile clips. I used to use copper wrapped around my penis and balls and connect the clips to these. Start off on VERY LOW volume and increase till it feels good.

I have since bought some conductive rubber tubing from flea bay and use this for **** and ball rings.

There are SO MANY variations of e stim audio files out there, makes for VERY Interesting sessions!

I forgot to mention, i use ky jelly with a litting baking soda or salt added to help the electricity conduct better.

I wish I had a bit higher output from my speakers, maybe get some more powerful ones soon!

I`m told this IS a little dangerous as my speakers are mains powered, better to use battery powered but i havent been killed yet! :0)


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Well, keep a multimeter connected to keep track of the current, and have a maximum 20mA fuse at hand. I stopped e-stimming about a year back, as I started exhibiting the symptoms of severe electrical damage. I'm waiting until I graduate so I can have access to a violet wand and all.

I have since developed a semi-fetish for calculators, which later led to an in-denial fetish for... uh... math xD

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