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Not for me. Two different things. Life may suck but that does make me sad and lonely. also I can feel just sad but not lonely...go figure.

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All I can give you is my own knowledge of the difference between one and the other. Yes, life can really suck! But if the emptyness will just not back down and you are still right screwed after weeks of it, then better see if true depression is setting in. (The toughest bastards that ever lived got depression sometimes.) Even heroes were hammered by this ***** of a thing.

Nobody is immune. Don't let it take you over.

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What difference does it make ? It's all the same.

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Feeling sad and lonely for no reason just means that you arent doing anything productive in your life to change that state of mind. I recently learned that when we get into those states its UP TO US to get out of them. Finding the right tools to help you cope with the everyday struggles of life is a start. If you feel your life suucks then its time to make some changes. I say seek help. Sometimes another person's prospective on life can be a good way to start evaluating whats going on in yours. I recommend a professional though. I at times feel that life sucks but, then I start to think about my resposibilty to the suckage. STAY SEEKING HELP!

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So which do you think applies to you?

I'm hearing a lot of people talk lately about how lonely they feel. I think it's part of the human experience; Our inner self, our inner soul, is searching. Haven't you ever felt lonely in a crowed room?

But, I think, most of the time there is also a reason behind it, even if we don't want to recognize it.

If your life sucks, you are the creator of your experiences; why is it not going how you want? What is it that you "DO" want; and are you taking ACTION to move in the direction you want? You can sit around and feel sorry for where you are in life, and blame who-ever you want...but where does that get you? More of the same! So if you don't want the results you are getting from your actions...change your actions. Best of Luck.

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