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We have green tea chai and I've heard green tea boasts your metabolism aiding dieting. Is it the same thing or is this an entirely different type of tea?
mysteryteen mysteryteen 18-21, F 4 Answers May 13, 2014 in Community

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Did you know that "Chai" means "tea" in Mandarin Chinese? So when you are ordering a "Green Tea Chai",you are actually ordering a "Green Tea Tea"...<br />
Just another fun fact brought to you by Shaylan!

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Plain unflavored water helps you with weight loss. Drinking large amounts of water helps flush your body of fats and oils. It also fills you up.
How much water??? Good question. Drink till your urine color comes out clear as the water you drank. The YELLOW in your urine is newly formed fat cells.The darker he color is your warning. Often the color is a deep orange pointing to Red.
Just note: Your urine should always be as clear coming out as the WATER you drank.

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