Heathrow is my local airport, I live 8 miles away. Its 2 runways are used to capacity all day long, 0600-2300. The real problem around LHR is the local infrastructure. The roads are creaking, especially the M4, at peak times and they are not too clever the rest of the time either! <br />
The Piccadilly Line and the Heathrow Express only go towards London; going West means road travel or a in/out train journey to Padd which wastes time. <br />
To my simple mind, the logic is obvious. LHR is in an urban area, has 2 runways and is at capacity.<br />
LGW is mostly rural, has ONE runway and lots of room for expansion. And it has good rail links with the South Coast as well as London. There is where the next new runway should be built, not on some wasteland in Essex!

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