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we dont see what a cat can see , nor hear what a sparrow hears .. no we dont smell like a dog can smell .. .. our sences only give us scaps of awareness of this beutiful , fleeting world that we alone and with others stich together into a phantom understanding of life , the uiniverse and everything that may perhaps encompass it.. generations ago some caveman yearns to understand , so he unconcously creates a false understanding , based grimly on his faith and his narrow awareness , he calls it 'science' or calls it 'real' and even teaches it to his counterparts .. tumbleweeds or flowering trees? Muchpeace, :) igomental.
igomental igomental 36-40, M 3 Answers Jul 21, 2012

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That depends on the person. For some, it's a flowering tree. For others, it's a tumbleweed.<br />
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I love learning. It is my greatest joy. The more I learn, the more questions I have, and in this way, I learn more which brings more questions.<br />
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Now compare that to a republican in Texas. The Texas GOP just approved a platform that stands for an end to critical thinking skills being taught in schools. That's tumbleweed.

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it's like a tumbleweed. understanding changes with new things learned. not that any of these words mean much. humans made words in an attempt to understand and describe the world around them, which made it all false. when there are no words, then it is real and can be likened to the flowing life essence of a flowering tree. when there are no words, then it is understood.

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Keep understanding the way you do:) You can teach many what you know.. and a side note.. DON'T get too big for your britches

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