What does it mean to be "mainstream"? Average? Normal? Cool? Mathematically, there is actually no such thing as an "average" person. We are all individuals. An "average" is not an individual. An "average" is the sum of all the numbers added together and divided by the amount of different numbers added together. Logically, this means there is no such thing as an "abnormal" or "weird" person. Is not socialism a better word to describe what is being promoted by the system? The Nazis were "mainstream" in Nazi Germany. Their media was Joseph Goebbels. The Nazis conformed. Racism and hatred was "average". They were manipulated by peer pressure. Ask yourself why so many Germans, young and old, "changed"? What changed them? Why did they behave like they did? Individualism was what Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels said it was. Individualism disappeared in the illusion that it was still there. Question the system. Don't conform. Be you. Not them.
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brainwashed masses...

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I'm not sure which system you're refering to, so I dont know if I think socialism is a better word to describe what is being promoted. When you speak of mainstream media, are you refering to movies, television series and such? because I dont believe that business is intentionaly promoting anything. Thats only about money. They just concentrate on current trends, create characters that the majority of people would like to see or be. The results of the trend can be seen in the popularity of the show. It is merely a reflection of the times, I think. Maybe the question is, why are those the current trends? Why the herd mentality in a certain direction?

I dont suppose you're including popular news channels when you speak of mainstream media? cos thats run differently.

Oh, and I think there are "abnormal" people. What about the serial killer? One just has to admit he's not like most people. And when a movie gets made about a serial killer they are portraying individualism arent they? I dont know

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one issue at a time- average mathematically average is used to describe underlying property that is described by a data set. what have described as average is arithmetic mean. remember harmonic mean, geometric mean and any other statistic that is used to describe properties of a data set are called averages.

secondly you hypothesis that mainstream media has effectively blanketed individualism.

i don't concure

arguement a) an average just describes the underlying properties of the data it seeks to explain and it does not change the individual data but different averages produce deferent results and conclusions but the underlying data remains the same.the averaging method used is what produces the varying results not the original data

arguement b)

from the above mathematical arguement we can therefore expound on it and deduce that just because the main stream media choses to report saddening reports that at the end of the day would appear, to a curtain degree and with a good level of confidence, that individualism is lost we still are all individuals.

example: global financial crises. i hear in america that homes are losing close to half their market value. does it mean for the local american that its easier now to get a home because homes now cost less and given that the higher rate of foreclosure, an abundance of homes that need to be sold? i'm thinking not. those that were living on the streets continue to live on the streets while those that had homes are still in their houses.

in summary. tommorrow morning you will wake up and tommorrow night you'll go to sleep. in between just the usual meals and usual stuff you do( go to school, go to work, murder if you are a murderer)....

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Yes, of course. Look at House. This kind of portrayal of individualism gives people something to aspire to without actually doing anything about it.

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But wait... if we're individuals because you told us to be, doesn't that mean we're just following YOUR propaganda? And if someone stands up because of what I'm saying, doesn't that ***** them of THEIR individuality? We're pack animals. *shrugs* We do what we can to find our place in the pack.

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