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I been trying to put off my feelings for my friend who is gay. Not telling her at first was indeed eating me alive and I did get somewhat upset when I was not craving attention from her. My friends and even some of my relatives tell me I should commit my feelings to her, but I feel like it would make matters worse and awkward. I am not sure what she thinks as me, but I like to assume she sees me as a friend. There as been some questionable flirting, but then again I may have got those twisted with teasing instead. I do not want to ruin anything, especially since I never been in a homosexual relationship. I think just continuing to ignore my feelings and continuing to be friends with her will be okay. Any advice?
Artwander12 Artwander12 18-21, F 2 Answers Jun 14, 2012

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Just talk to her, being nervous is okay, just be straight forward and honest. You may well be surprised at the results.

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write it all out , just to get the words correct . each day should be lived as if its your last . imagine if you never saw her again .

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