i hadnt checked my cholesterol in yrs and i know that was stupid, ive always had joint problems, anyways i was at this job fair and they had a health fair in the same gym so i decided since i hadnt checked it in yrs maybe i should see whats going on, i was on meds for it before and its been high before, so i did the blood work at the health and a couple of wks later i get something in the mail and it said it was 363, so i made an appt and saw a doctor who rechecked it cause i had eaten some chocolate calciums that morning, then it was 300, she put me on statins and i just got rechecked and now its 201, if your body is so clogged up with cholesterol does that cause physical pain too? i lost about 15 lbs since then , i would think it would be like something pushing on your joints all the time making it painful like a clogged sink that leaves no room for the water to go thru.or is it the extra vit d ive been taking? ive upped it to stop my bones from being so brittle, any ideas?
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Cholesterol itself is not a culprit but a symptom of severe health issues. When the body is in dire straights, it resorts to less-than-perfect repairs to limp on.

Statins do not address the underlying cause of high cholesterol, but only mask that symptom, and cause many more in the process. Consult more than one doctor, see a nutritionist, or a natural doctor, or all of the above.

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It has a connection.

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