He is the most wonderful man. I really do like him. We've been really good friends for the past couple of months. We share everything, and we recently started dating. I love everything about him. But when I kiss him I dont feel any different. It doesnt feel special. Im not really physically attracted to him. I am but not in an omg hes so hot sort of way. I feel like a bad person for not being attracted to him. Im attracted to everything else why not his looks? I would be a bad person for breaking up over looks. What do I do?
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you are NOT a bad person if you are not physically attracted to a given man no matterwhat. You don't have to feel sparks when you kiss him but do you do need to at least feel something warm and fuzzy. If not its not your fault. I think you need to be honest with him and tell him the truth as you said it here. Sometimes the truth is a catalyst for change, not always but sometimes...

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um... there needs to be some sort of attraction there hon. Otherwise, how different would it be than dating your brother? Just a thought.

I totally hurt a great friend of mine in HS b/c he wanted to date & I found everything attractive about him but his looks - I told him he was like a brother... but think how much worse it would be if we'd decided to give it a go & ended up having to break it off later? Don't wait around till this guy decides to pop the question - the deeper in you get, the more it hurts.

I agree w/ Snookybear about the being frightened part as well. Best talk to him about it. Don't drag it on & have it turn into something ugly where you end up losing each others' trust & friendship.

I also agree w/ Candy - people have their own tastes. If he's not your favorite flavor, why keep telling him that he is?

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If you have communication with that person talk to them about it. One or both of you may be frightened.

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stay with him. soon as u loose him u'l want him back again... beauty is only skin deep but ugly is to the bone... if u were blind what would u think? don't be stupid... there are plenty of hot gorgeous guys who will cheat on u... grass seems greener but never really is. don't be foolish.

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