Could this be a result of a fungal infection? How do you get rid of it?
Supervixen76 Supervixen76 31-35, F 9 Answers May 28, 2012

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If it is I'm super bad cause both my big toenails fall off. It's not fungal ... I think- it's from a boat crushing one and my damned pumps sealing the deal for both. My nail beds are atrocious but what can you do

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Medically yes, that's fungal infection. I have one too. I have been advised to cut my nails as much deep as you can, apply liquid candid solution and avoid leather boots or tight shoes. Let there be enough air exchange. You need to take some pills too, but I haven't been taking them.

Besides nail falling off is a gud sign, you now need just 4 mins 30 sec's to cut your toe nails ( 30 sec's less for one toe) LOL. Jokes apart that nail will grow back. but make sure you treat it for fungal infection before it grows back.

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"Big toe nail" turning black is certainly bad and undesirable.

But, subsequently, 'its' falling off is not bad, and is perfectly ok/ normal.

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Don't let them kid you, it means you're turning into a zombie!

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