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Is it fair to make a lifetime commitment to one person and then blow it off?

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Yes, I know. The return question was intended to make people think twice, not to make anyone feel guilty. I divorced my first husband when I found out he was a sex offender. The initial question was "is it fair to be married to someone you don't love" -- there's no background story there to tell me anything about what has happened in the relationship in question, so only the person asking the question can know if she is being fair to her SO in this.

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definitely not.

you should end it.

do the right thing and be with the person you truly love.

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It's only unfair if you're in an arranged marriage and can't get out, like some people are. If you chose your partner, the two of you fell out of love and can't work things out, the right thing to do is end the marriage and free your spouse to find someone else. It's certainly more honourable than sneaking around.

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It's called... mistakes... Why does everyone always seem to take the wrong takes? Maybe the grass is greener somewhere else. Why aren't you there then? What happened to get you to where you are today? Is this other place mere fantasy or a way to cope with your present reality?

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it hurts

feels unfair

but i put myself here

and regardless of how she feels about me i do actually love her just not in love

just want her to be happy or at least realize i'm not what she wants

seems like shes in denial

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Some do it at times, maybe for different reasons.

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Is it fair that people can enjoy a recreational buzz in Colorado & Washington and I cannot?

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