I hate plain water and ALL water flavorers.. the only other thing I like is water with lemon... or juice with no sugar at all. How can I drink alot of tea without hurting myself is decaf ok? or is there a really good water flavorer that isn't full of sugery CRAP (ie- crystal light... (i give the crystal light flavors names it rapsberry crack or meth like mango...) I wish I liked crystal light if you like it... it makes me really sick to my stomach.. tmi... anyone know alot about this stuff?
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You might want to change it a but have have Rooibos or red tea, it’s not got any caffeine in it and is very good for you. You can drink lots of green tea daily; just make it a bit weaker than normal. Be aware of effects of caffeine and if you have a hard time sleeping then you need to back off. There are other herb teas to consider, you can make a ginger tea, just boil sliced ginger root. Mint teas are great and there are many different types of mint. Hibiscus is an excellent herb tea also, very good for you and no caffeine.

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I drink green tea daily. Ill get the half gallon of turkey hill almost daily. Otherwise I'll usually drink a smaller size with lunch. I've been doin this for years. Sometimes I do water it down though as some brands tend to be super sweet. *can't stand arizona brand tea. I've never heard of any health side effects from drinking green tea all the time.

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Green tea is very good for you in general. It contains antioxidants. I wouldn't worry about drinking as much as you like. If you find that it is winding you up, decaf is widely available. You'll want to be aware that tea is a diuretic, so if drink a lot before a drive, you'll be making a lot of stops. Otherwise, enjoy plenty of unsweetened tea.

Think about trying some of the herbal teas out there. Red Zinger is good stuff.

Lemon is a good way to make water taste better, but you can also try crushed mint or a small amount of regular juice to give it some taste.

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Green tea is VERY has lots of anti-oxidants, which are good for the body. Green tea and mint is nice...if you are gonna drink lots, just dont add sugar.Green tea and mint doesnt need sugar anyway, its great on its own.

Good on you for being health conscious!.

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