I'm sleeping soundly and wake to Billy the effin exterminator killing rats on the tv while my hub is cracking and eating peanuts...I go to roll over and hes laying on my hair WTF!! So I say can you please change the channel so I dont have to hear about effin rats...He changes it to some vampire crap with heavy metal playing in the background..REALLY!!! We do have a living room why come in the room and torture me ...Why not just get some effin raw broccoli and ice to chew on like a cow in my ear!!!
ItsmeDee ItsmeDee 41-45, F 7 Answers Oct 19, 2012 in Hobbies

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that would annoy the hell out of me too....

And congratulations!!! Well done!!

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LOL I aint quitting smoking but Id of gone off on one bout that!!!!

Well done on packing in the f-ags :-)

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Sounds idyllic ... the plot for a sketch....

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Whoa! I think you are a bit tense ... :)

But .. you're doing the absolute best thing by quitting! That's quite a feat sometimes.

Hopefully, it will get easier every day ... just hang in there.

Oh and stay away from any weapons ... :)

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Good on you for quitting smoking, your not a douche but when you feel like having a cigarette have a piece of gum instead :)

Best Answer's NOT you ;)

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