For example asthma is your bronchi spasming and you can die from it (meaning the bronchi do not open unless medication is administered) the brain controls pain and people can feel real pain in dreams because the brain sends impulses to those neurons so what if during a suffocation dream the brain thinks its dying so that it sends impulses to the bronchi, causing those to spasm and suffocate the person even if they don't have asthma? NOTE i watched this thing on the tv where this girl had numourous nightmares about being strangled by men in her sleep, eventually this supposedly killed her, something like she went into shock and her neck closed up?
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Not when you are awake.

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Nightmares have never been proven to kill anyone.

Falling dreams and dreams that shock you awake are usually due to a suppressed heart rate and the brain needing an excuse to get the blood pumping...

Some have theorized that it's possible for a night terror to scare someone to death... but it's never been proven.

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Panic feels like suffocation. Normally the body passes out if it goes to far and normal breathing is restored as the parts of the brain capable of panic are shut down. If the body is not healthy this can still result in death though the health shortfall will be blamed.

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Perhaps her dreams were reflecting her body's behavior?

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