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Sometimes when I have nightmares I don't wake up at all I just scream, cry, twist and turn until I sit straight up with eyes wide awake. Sometimes my sister can't even wake me up from them and she gets scared. I feel really bad because I'm taking her sleeping time and I know she has a lot of tests and things for school. How do I stop them?
tash77 tash77 13-15, F 2 Answers Nov 5, 2012 in Dreams

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First recommendation is to start a dream journal. We release our fears, emotions, stress and also heal in our dreams. Our dreams are full of symbols that relate to our life including past ones that we may not have released yet.<br />
When your sister can't wake you up and you are still dreaming or acting out your dreams with eyes wide open... It is called a Night Terror. For someone to wake you from night terrors they must be calm, gentle and just talk you out of it for you are in "another world" so to speak, Shaking, yelling wake up and so on will not do anything but freak your sister out. lol My son suffered from night terrors and one time he told me to look at all the bugs coming through the window and screamed trying to keep his feet off the floor and then trying to run pointing out the bay window of my living room,. LOL I lived alone and was completely freaked out! <br />
Drink some Chamomile tea before bedtime..this could relax you. Stopping them is releasing whatever you are holding onto from the past such as abuse, stress, bad relationships, etc. We are not able to guard ourselves while awake (the ego sleeps when we sleep) so messengers are able to get through while we are unguarded. Also ask Archangel Michael and Archangel Jophiel to help you with your nightmares and bring you positive messages while you sleep.<br />
Try to think of what is going on in your life... stress can cause this too.<br />
you can contact me through my website at if you have any more questions. I'd love to help!

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most times i wake up.........fall asleep again...........& it starts again..........give up & stay up

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that's what i usually do. i just stare at the wall

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