I am 25 and find that a lot of my co workers in their forties call me cute names, hug me a lot and even tell me that I am adorable and cute. Is this normal?
Jenni855 Jenni855 26-30, F 8 Answers Apr 26, 2011

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Hey, embrace it. After you get to certain age noone will think you are cute and adorable anymore and YOU will be the nurturer. Enjoy.

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hmm, i wouldnt say its abnormal. people in fourties may be getting clucky and thinking of you like they do their own children. it's also i guess because you work together it's sort of like a second family

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Women mothering women ~ ok, albeit obnoxious at times.

Men? No.

1) never encourage momma's boy~ism.

2) you can't be a cougar and a mama at the same time to the same dude.

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i think so . although it depends on what each person's true motive is.

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I think they see you not being warped by the real world yet.

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I agree with braintumour completely.........But if you're uncomfortable with it you should speak up.

It's a shame if you are though 'cos I think it's kinda nice.

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