Could this be coused from me hating my body. I did try starving my self for 2 days. It dident bug me at all the only reason I stoped is cuz I read it slows the matabalizim. The thing is I don't feel hunger I only feel when I'm full. Most of the time I don't feel anything. The only hunger I feel is my tastspuds wanting fruit juice or milk. Is this normal or should I seek help. Ps the only thing is I can't ask my doctor cuz then my mum would know. And I can't call some number cuz it will come on the phone bill tha ks for your help
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thats happening to me's painful...that could happen because of stress or...the food contents are remaining in your upper stomach but the lower one is not...

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Full of empty.. I'm 5 10.. 150 and I'm too skinny for my age.. I'm 45. 150 is good for u.. perfect.. please don't try to lose more.. I also cannot est more than a few bites.. its been over a year now.. ive lost over 20 ponds.. I do binge too like u..e too.. that's how Ive managed to not lose more so far.. but im not eating more than 500 cals a day....these other post scared me about stomasch cancer.. I'm def going to doc now... thank u all... u r fine as u are full of empty..

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Hi, I just fond your post today. I wanted to give you some advice from someone who has had a similar experience. First let me address your feeling of fullness as I am currently having that same problem. If you do not feel hungry that is one thing and if you feel hungry and try and eat a normal amount and notice that a few bites of food feels like you are pushing it in on top of something that is already in your stomach such as I do ...well that is another thing. That could be stomach cancer and should be investigated by the Dr. with an endoscope and your Mom needs to know if you are having a problem like that for sure. Now if you have been starving and do not feel hungry, that is different. I have been there when I was around your age.

I was a good looking girl who felt at the time that I had a little too much meat on my bones and wanted to loose down to 125. I am your height. That weight was far too low for my height. You have to ignore super models, as they are too thin and have eating disorders themselves. I have found that most guys like curves- look at Marilyn Monroe.

I starved myself instead of listening to my Mom's husband who said just eat heathier and exercise and it will take longer,but you will loose fat and keep it off and be heathy. Instead I starved myself eating 500 calories a day and excercisng to excess. I lost weight fast. I lost muscle. I wound up feeling bad and freezing in 80 degree wheather. My bones on my top were sticking out and I only made it to 127. I looked too thin at 135 and I am your height. I lost muscle mass in my temples. I had to start eating as one can not starve themself forever. I quickly gained a lot of weight fast as I had lowered my metabolism forever. From then on I struggled with my weight and had to yo yo diet and it hurt my health. I now have a messed up thyroid and need to loose a lot of weight. I look back at those photos and I see I was not even over weight. I was obsessing over soemthing that was never even true. At 155 to 165 I looked great and guys liked me. I did not need to be 135. I would be willing to bet you look great at 155. I can only aspire to be that weight now. If you really want to be thinner then please do not starve yourself. Just start moderate exercise ( nordic track is a great excercise equipment to choose and walk more) and eat less carbs and sweets and do not drink diet drinks- they are so bad for you. Drink 8 glasses of water a day and you will not even want to eat a lot of junk food as it will fill you up and cleanse your system. Don't ruin your health trying to impress guys, please. Loose weight gradually and you will reap the rewards long term. Also, when you starvation diet you can damage the ligaments in your breast that hold them up and you can wind up with saggy breasts and surgery is the only cure for that. I had saggy breasts from then on and you don't want that. I bet you look great now. Also, remember it is what is on the inside that truly counts. God bless

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happens to me all the time.. and Im healthy.. I just can't eat a lot all at once.. I eat lil bits over the course of the day and I do fine

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It is not normal to feel full after a couple bites of food. But your appetite will shrink after not eating, so that is probably why you are feeling full so quickly. It could of course be another problem such as stomach cancer or you could have a bezoar (like a big hairball). But assuming you are a young person, those are very unlikely (unless you eat hair). Eat some healthy meals and you should be back to normal soon.

If you physically can't eat, see a doctor. If you drop dead, your mom will know then too.

You are right about slowing your metabolism by starving yourself. That is because when starving your body burns muscle for energy. And muscles burn calories. So the more muscle you destroy in the short term, the harder it will be to burn calories in the long term. Muscles are sexy too. ;)

The idea is to lose fat, if you are overweight. Depending upon your weight, losing more than 1-2 lbs. per week means you are losing muscle with the fat, and that is not healthy for long-term weight loss. We all need fat to survive too, of course, so even that can go too far. If you have issues with lack of hunger, just learn how many calories to eat per day. And once you get used to that you will be on the right track.

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Oh this feeling of being full after 1 bite started befor I stoped eating fo 2 days.

Oh and I am 5 foot 10 and weigh 155 I want to get down to 132 cuz that's the lowest I can be and still be healthy. But as long as I have a flat stumic I am fine. I've already lost 2 pounds In theaat month or so. Now I just need to lose them faster. Oh and yes I am young I am 16.

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Yeahh happends to me too sometimes...but I think its normal.

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