I'm only sixteen and my boyfriend is seventeen, and he wants to have sex. He's had partners before me but I'm still a virgin, and I'm not sure what to expect emotionally or physically. My boyfriend isn't pushing me, I want it too, but I'm afraid of complications---STDs, pregnancy, pain, emotional pain... Is that normal? Should I just power through?
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Yes... totally normal.

Until you feel completely comfortable with the idea or you have ANY doubt, you should wait.

Oh - and just so you know, teenage boys will tell you ANYTHING to get in your pants.

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it'll all be fine dont worry about **** like stds and pregnacy just make him use a condom *do not use trojan ultra thins* they broke on me and gave my girlfriend and i quite a scare!

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ok first of all of course it is normal to feel nervous about your first time. you are completly right pregancy, stds, etc not to mention the guilt you will robably feel later. make sure you are on the pill or shot and use a condom because they are not fool proof. dont let him talk you into anything you dont want to do, that even means if you are both naked yall r in position , you can always say no, remember no means no,.. ok???. talk to him before having sex (not when hes "in the mood" he will tell u anything just to hurry up and have sex) but while driving in the car or whateverabout what will happen if you do become prego and if yall even want to take that chance, have him tested o and fyi aids can take up to 10 years to show up in blood work and hpv and chlamydia dont always show up on men's std tests. also talk about if he does give u a std, how will yall likely handel it, will he run his mouth?, also ,.. and not to scare you,.. but it will hurt, probably alot based on if youve been fing*erd before, how often and how many fingers, any toys in there and if youve played any sports, but be forewarned it will hurt, a trick is to tell him what feels good and have him or you play with your cli*t while you and him are engaged in intercourse. remember that you will always remember him , the place, what was on the tv or on the radio or whatever was going on at that moment, u will never be a virgin again, ever, make sure you truley are in love with this person and he is in love with you too , best of luck .

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If you want to wait then wait.

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First of all, you seem very responsible and grounded for having such real concerns. Sex can be a very dangerous thing, if you are not ready for it. It is completely normal to be nervous, why wouldn't you be? It hurts. That alone will make anyone nervous. If you have not been together that long, I recommend you wait. The emotional pain of breaking up with your 'first' is really hard to get through. As far as STD's and pregnancy, use condoms. YOu may also want to consider getting on the pill first. You need to be very sure about this. You only lose your virginity once. So many people regret their first times (myself included) make sure that your first time will be something you will remember. Make sure your boyfriend knows to make it special for you. most importantly, if you aren't ready, THAT'S OKAY.

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