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Yes you should it is a command, He's not asking!

And praise Him ahead of time for His work.

He said love all your brother and sisters not what they do, and your prayers can change that.

Pray for your enemies the people you don't like and of course the family that sometimes has tendency to drive you right around the bend.

You will get a blessing and at the same time drive them crazy.

Why the Holy Spirit will intervine.

He will change things including you.

There is a reason that the Father is doing this.

For you because His permissive will is alllowing this, and for them, they will change if you give God a chance to do things in his own time.

Don't advertise to anyone other then your prayer partners that your praying for them.

And wait on the Lord, Cheers

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Yes, I try and pray for everyone I can think of.. they need it.

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Love cover a multitude of sin... oh yes forgiveness work just as much

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If you have a mature spiritual life. You can pray for anyone whether you like them or not. It's is the Holy Spirit that telling us who an what we should pray for... If we yield ourselves to him... {A little deep for EP}

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Every once in a great while, I say a prayer for someone I kind of...(hate?)....dislike very strongly....that God will help them (be a better person...LOL!!)....(just kidding).

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If you don´t want to pray, that´s your choice.

Just don´t wish them bad things, karma will take care of it sooner or later.

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I don't know if it's "normal", but it is Biblical and a good practice!

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that's hateful isn't it?

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Sure, you just don't know what they have done to us.

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it still goes against the claims of love and forgiveness

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Whose claims ?

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that god guy

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