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I'd say no to a full-on spanking. The solution of taking away things the kid likes is a better one long term. But then, the severity of the "crime" should have something to do with the discipline. After running into traffic, I don't think taking time out to discuss everybody's feelings about it is going to have the effect that you want. That's the occasion for a single swat on the heiny followed up by a discussion. In any case, ~never~ administer a spanking when you yourself are fired up. Before you know it, you're not disciplining, you're abusing.

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She is your child so it is up to you if you decide to spank or not but you should know that the latest research has shown a link between spanking young children on the buttocks and sexual dysfunction. here is a link for you:

I do think that she is old enough for you to very firmly state what behaviour is acceptable. I am a foster carer and I use the naughty spot for all of my kids. Also stating very firmly if you cannot walk nicely you will hold my hand or go into your pushchair worked for me. You also have to be very litteral because they don't always know what you want them to do.

I don't think you should give yourself a hard time about what you did, you want the best for your daughter and kids can push you to the end of your teather very very quickly. Parenting is about continually learning for both you and the child. Work out what you want to do as a discipline strategie and above all else, always give a warning and then always always stick by what you have said. You are obviously a good and caring parent because you wouldn't have posted this question otherwise.

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I never used corporal punishment on my kids. I would punish them by depriving them of something they liked (teddy bear, favorite TV show, bicycle) for a short time and give them a clear explanation of why I was doing it. I think that punishing a child for pushing or punching by spanking them sends a very conflicting and confusing message if you want to teach them that violent, physically hurtful behavior is wrong.

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If you are spanking her, you are teaching her that being physically aggressive is acceptable behavior when you're upset or mad- which basically is what you are when you are unhappy with how she's acting.

So, you tell me - if you want her to learn NOT to be being physically aggressive, is a spanking really a suitable choice of punishment?

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I think spanking is ok...but not like to hurt...just to startle.

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