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Yes, unless it's the password required to ENTER the house; then it's rude.

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I think it's completely OK not to share passwords with your husband/boyfriend/partner.

My fiance doesn't know any of my passwords and I don't know any of his.

Just because you choose to share your life doesn't mean you give up your right to privacy.

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No, I don't think it's ok. I understand this as a matter of TRUST. You should trust your spouse enough to share your password, I mean it shouldn't be anything concealed between you two; and your spouse should trust you enough to not to use it, your not a child, you don't need to be under surveillance.... other than that I agree with ElLagarto :)

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Definitely it's more than okay in my opinion. Even if I was the most in love with my husband I'd never share my passwords with him. Just like I wouldn't let him see me go to the bathroom. I mean some things you just have to keep private. And a spouse doesn't always understand. Like if you're in a mood and you need to flirt - then it's okay, you're not hurting anyone if you're on the Internet. But the minute a spouse gets that information - they go crazy, (either gender). Like an old friend of mine used to say, "What they don't know doesn't hurt them....what they do know...they worry about." So let it be. Just my opinion though - you know your relationship best, but as for me - no way - they don't need to peer into every facet of my life, just because we're married. I'm not letting my spouse see me get my hair done either - is that something that's a big deal????

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It certainly is fine not to share your passwords with anyone else. Although in a relationship- every person deserves some amount of privacy. I feel the only reason my guy would want my password is if he doesn't trust me for some reason. I will log on and let him look around anytime but no he cannot have my password.

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Yes, everyone needs secrets, it keeps us interesting. a little mystery is a good thing.

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yes, I think so. My husband doesn't know my passwords and it's not a problem. He respects my privacy and I respect his.

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I feel that when two people get married, they are sharing the rest of their lives together as one. With this merge comes the very foundations in which a marriage can successfully coexist.

The first thing being Christ, for without Him, we are nothing!

The second being communication. If we fail to talk to one another expressing our feelings and desires, then a sense of selfish insecurities will start to form and will eventually lead to actions desired by no marriage.

The third thing is Trust. This is an important tool that needs to be exercised in every marriage. You trusted the person enough to marry them; To share the rest of your lives with them. Why would you want to hold anything from them? If you truely love your partner, then there should be no secrets from them, and by allowing them into "your space" you are growing "TOGETHER" as a marriage should.

Love the time you have together, get to know them better, show an interest in them, actually look at them (really look).... they are the beautiful person that you fell in love with.

If you take the first step in giving, then the door of oppourtunity is open for them to give as well.

In my humbold opinion...If you withhold information from your "other half" (spouse) in secret, then you are only inviting lies and deceipt into your home, marriage, & family. Nothing good will come out of it except corruption.

I end wit a quote we all have heard. They are powerfull words and life changing if we head to them.

"Do unto others as you want them to do unto you"

I love you and God bless,

Your brother in Christ.

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My spouse and I do not share our passwords with each other. Being married doesn't mean you give up the right to privacy.

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It is absolutely OK... if your spouse needs to know something, you would tell them. Love= Freedom, trust and honesty.

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yes, you do not have to share every little tiny thing with each other, regardless of what others may say. I have MY laptop password protected. I have personal journals that I wish to keep that way....I share when and if I chose to share. I am my own person first, a couple second.

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